Vocalzone Throat Pastilles

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vocalzone Throat Pastilles.jpg

Vocalzone Throat Pastilles


Benefits of using Vocalzone

  • Soothes and clears

  • Relieves from throat irritation 

  • Helps keep a clear voice
  • Contains natural active ingredients

  • No Artificial flavours or colours


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More Information

Vocalzone Throat Pastilles were created over 100 years ago for the first superstar of the recording age, the Great Enrico Caruso. 

If you are a professional or amateur singer, regularly speak or present in public or rely on your voice for your livelihood Vocalzone should be part of your routine.

Vocalzone Throat Pastilles are a unique blend of natural ingredients formulated to provide powerful relief from irritated throats caused by excessive singing, speaking of smoking.  Get the Vocalzone habit now!