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My name is Magda (Lili) Ayac, I have been a pharmacist in the Middle East, Germany, New York, Guam & Saipan spanning a period of over 35 years, I have unique abilities to serve many nationalities because of my experience around the world as a pharmacist and ability to speak four languages fluently. Aside from having developed extensive experience in New York City in all three major pharmaceutical sectors: Chains, Independent Retailers, International Manufacturers and all healthcare services including Hospitals. I have strong connections to pharmacies and consumers in the Middle East, Europe, The Philippines, China, Thailand, Japan, Guam and Saipan.

Considering that New York City is a “Melting Pot “of cultures and peoples from around the world, I named the company “International Pharmacy, Inc.".

Products and Services offered:

Compound Prescription Drugs "Contemporary Compounding"-(customized prescriptions to meet patients’ needs as prescribed by their doctor, for example a Diabetic Ulcer Cream or compounding multiple drugs into one)

Medication Therapy Management.

Unit dose blister packaging for safe, efficient medication dispensing to enhance patient compliance.

Personal Label Over the Counter Drugs (for colds, sinus, allergies, sleeping aid and headaches)