Dr. Schuessler salts 1 Calcium fluoratum 200 tabs by DHU


Dr. Schuessler salts 1 Calcium fluoratum 200 tabs by DHU


Dr. Schuessler salts 1 Calcium fluoratum D12 Connective tissue Ligaments Tendons

by DHU

About the product

  • Increases the elasticity of the connective tissue, bones and teeth.
    Dr. Schüssler Salt No. 2: Calcium phosphoricum D6 is the salt for healthy bones and teeth. Main fields of application: - fractures -growing pains in children and adolescents -osteoporosis -tooth decay

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CALCIUM FLUORIDE Calcarea Fluoricum (calcium fluoride) stretch, bend, pull, push and relax – tear and repair is more like it. This cell salt offers veins and muscles the support they need to stretch out and bounce back. Babies, youth, adults, aged and mothers-to-be; dancers, gymnasts, golfers and clumsy clods; puppies, kittens and old mares; no one falls out of the range of this remedy.

While providing much of the hardness in our teeth and bones, calcium fluoride keeps many of our tissues soft and flexible. As the compound responsible for elasticity in our bone, joint, muscle, teeth and vein tissues, calcium fluoride, and thus its remedy Calc fluor, is invaluable for tissues that cannot bounce back from injury, repeated sprains, over-stretching, pregnancy, growth or illness.

From growing bones to varicose veins and all the flexibility issues in between, this cell salt offers fundamental healing support. Calc fluor’s healing support benefits elasticity issues as varied as stretch marks, hemorrhoids, varicose veins, muscular weakness and stretch marks, as well as backache, lumbago, stiff joints, weak ankles, repeated sprains, brittle bones, bone spurs, cataracts and loose or decaying teeth. As with Calc phos, Calc fluor’s support offers a healthy boost to slow growing, late walking babies and young children with growing pains.

If weather changes (especially to cold) are aggravating, that’s one more point for this remedy. Whenever tissues cannot regain flexibility, Calc fluor provides solid sensible support that can be taken regularly to keep you sustained.