Extreme Power CBD Relieve Serum by Bio-Labs26

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Extreme Power CBD Relieve Serum by Bio-Labs26



Nano Technology Delivery

100% Bio-Available Absorption

Patent Pending Elite 

100mg CBD Nanoparticle 10x


 Recommended Uses: Can be mixed with other topical products including massage oils and cremes.

 Ingredients: Nano-CBD, Dimethicone, Cyclopentasiloxane, Arnica Montana(30x), Menthol, Laurocapram


Lab Tested: Bio-Labs 26 tests 4x's during the extraction process, and spot checks final formulas, to ensure our formulas are precise, consistent and contaminate free.

Consumer tested: All formulas undergo extensive consumer research. Bio-Labs 26 guarantees satisfaction with our formulas.


  • Not Tested on Animals

  • Lab tested

  • Non-GMO

  • THC free

  • Gluten free

  • Vegan

Utilizing our Nano-Technology we're able to deliver CBD 10X more potent through Trans-Epidermally. Our Topical Serum can be used by itself or combined with other topicals.

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The Science

EP26 is a compound utilizing the principle of S-SEDDS (solid, self-emulsifying, drug delivery system) to create a highly bioavailable and stable CBD delivery system.
EP26 utilizes Nano Technology which allows for maximum penetration and absorption of CBD.